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Rule of Thirds and Cropping

24 Nov

Above is my original photo, taken at Bodium Castle in Sussex. There is a lot of background information- people milling about and detracting from what I was taking the picture of. Using the rule of thirds, I cropped out the people, the sky and a lot of the castle to focus on the subject and what she is doing. There are 2 main hot- spots in the photo- her face and her hand, which fit  nicely into the left hand top and bottom areas.



23 Nov

withoutequal photography: Emma. This protrait uses artificial light as you can see it in her eyes, which casts a white/ blue light onto her face. It is unidirectional as it leaves one side of her face in shadow, creating depth in what might have become a very ‘flat’ photograph otherwise.

withoutequal photography: lily von pink. This photo utilises the natural light available, and despite it being a very grey day, it works well. The dull light casts no shadows which is ideal, because then you can focus on the woman. The sky behind her gives all the detail the photo needs.

withoutequal photography: pink graffiti. This final portrait was shot in natural light again but probably using a reflector to get more ligh on the subjects face. If there was no reflector, then the face may be too dull, and with the colour of the coat and the wall behind, it may become too dark.

Landscapes with a holiday feel

16 Nov

These photographs have a strong nostalgic theme for me; they remind me of holidays, exploration and happiness.

The above photofits tidily into the rule of thirds. The contrasting textures of the wall and the door juxtapose with the metal of the candle holder. The warmth of the tones make the picture feel relaxing and calm.

I wanted this picture to capture a sense of loneliness and exploration, and the lighthouse in the sea, away from the cliff edge encapsulates this. It is not a negative feeling picture as the bright colours of the sea and the cliff and the red on the lighthouse prevent it from becoming oppressive.

This picture primarily was taken to emphasise the feeling of joy. On the horizno, we can see a man playing with a kite, but this looks like he is celebrating. From a low perspective, and the content of the picture, it almost feels like a child has taken it. The tree in the foreground gives a sense of  location, and its texture gives a feeling of depth and shadow on a bright day.

Sunsets and Hearts

16 Nov

I took this picture to capture a sense of movement at sunset. Very often, sunset lanscapes are stationary and calm, but I wanted the contrast of the natural beauty and the car zooming past to emphasise the feeling of time passing.





This picture I took because of the content. Obviously the tree looks like a heart, but more than that, the background contrasts heavily with the tree. The houses and the cars depict a normal suburban setting, and the tree shows a symbol of love flourishing naturally.









In contrast to the last picture, this landscape showcases the natural beauty to be found, and the setting sun highlights very slightly the river flowing through.






The setting sun brings out all the detail of the clouds in this picture, and no post- production was required. The texture of the cloud varies immensely across the picture, from wispy, soft bits at the top, to heavy and dense looking parts at the bottom.

London Bridge

16 Nov

Portraits of Anne and Beckie 27.10.10

4 Nov

3 Nov

My sister Emma, taken at Coombe Abbey.