Sunsets and Hearts

16 Nov

I took this picture to capture a sense of movement at sunset. Very often, sunset lanscapes are stationary and calm, but I wanted the contrast of the natural beauty and the car zooming past to emphasise the feeling of time passing.





This picture I took because of the content. Obviously the tree looks like a heart, but more than that, the background contrasts heavily with the tree. The houses and the cars depict a normal suburban setting, and the tree shows a symbol of love flourishing naturally.









In contrast to the last picture, this landscape showcases the natural beauty to be found, and the setting sun highlights very slightly the river flowing through.






The setting sun brings out all the detail of the clouds in this picture, and no post- production was required. The texture of the cloud varies immensely across the picture, from wispy, soft bits at the top, to heavy and dense looking parts at the bottom.


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