23 Nov

withoutequal photography: Emma. This protrait uses artificial light as you can see it in her eyes, which casts a white/ blue light onto her face. It is unidirectional as it leaves one side of her face in shadow, creating depth in what might have become a very ‘flat’ photograph otherwise.

withoutequal photography: lily von pink. This photo utilises the natural light available, and despite it being a very grey day, it works well. The dull light casts no shadows which is ideal, because then you can focus on the woman. The sky behind her gives all the detail the photo needs.

withoutequal photography: pink graffiti. This final portrait was shot in natural light again but probably using a reflector to get more ligh on the subjects face. If there was no reflector, then the face may be too dull, and with the colour of the coat and the wall behind, it may become too dark.


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