Portraits- context

8 Dec
  • How can a portrait become more of a collaborative act between the sitter and the photographer, and how might this improve a portrait of them?
  • The photographer needs to build a rapport with the sitter, so that they can become more relaxed. Some people don’t like having their photograph taken, and may fall into conventional poses, look bored or rigid. It is the photographers job to put the sitter at ease to coax out a natural pose. Also the sitter needs to tell the photographer how they would be most comfortable.

  • How do you feel about having your photograph taken? How would you like your photographer to behave towards you?
  • I personally don’t like having my photo taken by other people, as I’m quite self critical. However, if the photographer is encouraging and positive, and can direct me as to what they think the photo should be like, then I can cope

  • What could the benefits of working with children be?

Children have no inhibitions , and can completely be themselves around the camera. Some of the time, children may get carried away with what they are doing, and completely forget that they are having their photo taken.


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