11 Dec

Just found a fab little app online- it’s cheating a little, but it makes a big difference to photos. You can download it for iPhones and whatnot, but you can access it on your computer as well. If you upload a photo, the tiltshift software will alter (and you can manipulate also) the area of focus. You can also alter saturation, colour and contrast, and vignetting, but I haven’t for these images. For example:

And here is my altered image, you can see the difference:

Obviously this software is no substitute for taking pictures correctly, but it produces an interesting effect. Here I have had to printscreen and copy into Paint to get this image on here, as the image doesn’t save (or I can’t work out how to) on computers, only displays.

Oh, and here is the website: http://labs.artandmobile.com/tiltshift/  Enjoy!


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