Edited photos

8 Mar

I chose to edit some of these photos to enhance their best features, and bring out some of the detail. The first one was taken by a canal, and the last three are taken at Coombe Abbey.

1. Canal

To take this picture, I made sure that my camera had the correct settings to minimalise the editing that may be done in post production.

White balance: cloudy

ISO: 200

F stop: 5.6

This image was dull and a bit flat, so I increased the amountof red and green to warm it up in highlights and midtones, and decreased the blue content in the shadows. Also, I fractionally increased the contrast to enhance the shadowing around the geese’s feet.











This next image I feel needed a different feel to it, so I altered the colours to make it feel like a vintage 1960’s summer photograph. I used the clone tool to remove some of the extra reeds that were of detriment to the photo, and sparingly used the burn tool to bring out some shadowing in the background.

Original settings for this picture:

White balance: Cloudy

ISO: 200

F stop: 5

The curves tool enabled me to increase the amount of red in the shadows annd highlights, and decrease the amount of blue in the midtones. Green was not necessary to alter as the tonality of it already lent itself to a vintage feel as the day was overcast.














3. Celebration

I didn’t do a lot to this photo but clone out some of the excess reeds to shift focus onto the reed that looks like it is celebrating.

I also added a fraction more green and red and reduced the blue colour to make the picture feel more like a lazy summer.


















4. Gothic/ Fairytale

This last photo needed a more gothic feel with all the trees towering around a river. Firstly, I needed to clone out some details that made the picture feel messy such as the leaves on the steps, and the debris in the river. Next, I turned the photo black and white using the channel mixer. Finally, I used the dodge tool on the steps to enhance the leading line down towards the river, and the burn tool on the shadows of the tree trunks, the bench and the leaves surrounding the steps.


One Response to “Edited photos”

  1. Pooja Prashar March 14, 2011 at 10:03 am #

    Excellent photos Lois! They’re really impressive! You definately have a gift!

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