Critique Of My Photo

10 Mar

The focus of the picture is on the foreground, in the detail of the bushes filled with organic shapes. I chose not to have the background in focus as the sweeping line created by the lake curves around the top of the information in the foreground. The day was very overcast, and so it was difficult to capture any vivid colours, although this soft lighting works well as it adds to the calm feel of the photo. There is no detail in the sky as it was so overcast, but this only leads you to look at the detail in the foreground. As I shot this picture though as window, I decided to incorporate it into the actual photo to frame it. The lake adds another curvy line from left to right, separating the foreground and the background. I used a fast shutter speed to minimise movement in the photo as I wanted a calm, tranquil feeling. I wanted lots of textures in the foreground as it makes the picture more interesting. The swan hiding on the left hand side is a detail that you see on the second time of looking at it.


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