Extra Landscapes

16 Mar

ISO: 200

F- stop: f6.4

Exposure: 1/150 sec

Taken on a very bright day I didn’t need a long shutter speed, and the strong sunshine creates long shadows from the trees adding to the fairytale theme of this picture. A strong leading line into the picture, disappearing into nothing, draws the viewer in. There are a lot of contrasting textures adding to the theme, and the juxtaposition of nature and a man made road adds to the mysterious feel. It is almost as if nature is claiming back its land.

ISO: 200

F- stop: f4.5

Exposure: 1/400 sec

This image was taken on a very overcast midday, with the intention of creating a cold, calm and even lonely feeling. The content of this picture is simple, with organic shapes dominating the bottom two thirds. The textures are fairly uniform which exaggerate the lonely feel of the photo. There are no overiding strong tones which complement the calmness. I chose to keep the image simple by the contrast of ground and sky, only linked by the trees.


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